A Web Camix by Pingel, Bonde & Jacobsen.
Where was I?....Oh yes.... I was saying that six months ago, as a result of an agreement between Foucault and Arabair, wadesdah became an important link in the air route to Mecca. Then, a few weeks ago, it seems that trouble blew up between Arabair and Foucault. The situation began to deteriorate... .....As if by chance, trouble flared up all over the country, and Ana took command of the rebels. These rebels were supported by a powerful air force which, so to speak, came out of the blue. Ana and the rebels marched on Wadesdah, and seized power. It all puzzles me, Bentham. You see, the rebel Mosquitoes and the Arabair DC3's came from the same source... And l'd like to know what touched off the dispute between Michel and Arabair.